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What is Aliveness Kundalini Activation (AKA)?

Aliveness Kundalini Activation is a spiritual purification process which involves an intensification of your own life force energy (Kundalini). When we are born our life force energy works at its full capacity. However, as we move through life and experience trauma, pain, injury, grief and loss coupled with social and cultural conditioning and limited beliefs our life force energy diminishes overtime. As this energy diminishes we lose the ability to hear our intuition and express our true authentic selves. We forget how to let our own true essence flow through us and into the world around us.


What happens during a session?


During a Kundalini Activation session, you will lie down on your mat, close your eyes, relax into the space and surrender to the present moment. When you are comfortable in the space, music will be played and I will create an energy vortex in the room. This energy will be available for you to tap into almost immediately. It is important to let go of any expectations you may have for the session during this time. 


The more you let go and surrender to the energy, the more you allow your own life force energy to intensify and move through your system to unblock and clear your energy channels. Your own life force energy can then attune and rise to meet the high frequency held in the space. This is not Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini breathwork, all that is required of you during a session is to trust, let go of any expectations or judgment and surrender to the present moment.

During the session, I might move my hands to keep the frequency high or intuitively touch different chakra spaces and meridian points on the body which is guided by the energy held in the room.

You will only receive what your system is ready for as this energy will meet you exactly where you are at.

After spending 60 minutes in the energy, you will be guided back to the room and will then all meet in a seated position and a sharing circle will be opened for anyone who would like to share their experience. Sharing your experience with the group helps with the integration of your new intensified life force energy. During this time I will answer any questions you may have and provide integration tools and practices you can incorporate in the coming days following your session.


How the energy can manifest during a session?

Your energy can manifest and release in many different ways. Everybody is very unique and so, no two people will share the same experience.

During a session, you may experience energy moving through your system and releasing in various ways such as:

➾ Involuntary Movement: Movement in the body which is spontaneous and unintentional.

➾ Energetic: Experiencing feelings of intense heat, cold, numbness or pins and needles through your body or pain in past injury sites.

➾ Emotional Expression and Release: You may express and release energy through spontaneous crying, laughing, screaming, coughing, smiling, yawning, etc.

➾Visions/Breakthroughs/Knowing: You may experience visions, strong colours, get answers to questions or messages from your intuition

➾ Bliss States: You may also experience feelings of bliss, joy, gratitude, connection, wholeness and oneness with yourself and all that surrounds you.

There are a small percentage of people who experience very little or nothing at all during a session. However, it is important to remember that everyone has life force energy within them and that being in this high frequency is still benefitting you. The energy is simply meeting you exactly where you are in the moment and it may take a few sessions for it to intensify further as more layers are shed and your mind ego begins to quieten.

Some people may find it hard to let go of past traumatic experiences that have imprinted on their lives. Some may be protecting themselves from delving deeper into their healing journey and for others it may be difficult to drop out of their mind and be fully in the present moment. It is important to arrive with no expectations, as this healing modality is a process that requires trust and surrender to the present moment.


Some of the benefits of a Kundalini Activation:

➾ emotional release of pain, grief, loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, traumatic experiences...

➾ nervous system regulation: relief of stress, anxiety, tension in your body, and a calming effect of your overall state of mind 

➾ increased self-awareness and releasing of limiting beliefs

➾ stronger intuition and connection to your true self

➾ feeling energised

➾ finding it easier to set up boundaries

➾ experiencing more harmony with yourself and others

➾a feeling of flow and higher vibrations



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