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Kundalini Activation
Classes and 1:1


I have the pleasure of working with Evelyn as my life coach, and recently I also had an AKA session with her that was a whole new experience. Not my first doing AKA but I must say that thanks to Evelyn's compassionate guidance and positive energy, I was able to release the stress that had been weighing me down in my daily life. After the session, I felt a renewed sense of energy and purpose, and I was able to approach my tasks with a sense of calm and confidence, due to a joint work with Evelyn. I left the session feeling proud of myself for the progress I have made so far. I would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone looking for a facilitator who truly cares about their well-being and success. Thank you, Evelyn!


This was my first time doing anything like this and it was great! Everything was very professional and we were made to feel at ease throughout. It helped me to relax and get rid of a lot of stress and negative emotions I had been carrying around. I highly recommend it!


I was a bit apprehensive about trying AKA as I didn’t know what to expect, having met Evelyn she immediately put my woes at ease. My emotions were high during the session and I got a great release (as a person who doesn’t cry enough) I highly recommend this.
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